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Zorgvuldige Ondergrondse Aanleg en Reductie Graafschade

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About ReDUCE


We are ReDUCE; an initiative of organisations in the excavation chain. The ZoARG-network consists of network operators, (utility) contractors, (local) governments and knowledge and educational institutions. Our ambition is to boost education, research and developments at sector-wide level to help to reduce damage during the digging and construction work of utilities.

ReDUCE (Dutch: ZoARG) has been initiated by Reggefiber and the Construction Management and Engineering department of the University of Twente. Te ReDUCE initiative has been launched with a symposium in November 2014. On this symposium where many chain parties were present: [1] the importance of careful

ZoARG (Engels: ReDUCE) is geïnitieerd door Reggefiber en de UT vakgroep Construction Management & Engineering. Dit ZoARG initiatief is gelanceerd met een symposium in november 2014. Op dit symposium waar vele ketenpartijen aanwezig waren:[1] the importance of careful construction and reduction of excavation damage was explained, [2] Reggefiber has indicated that it will provide a stimulation fund for 10 PDEng projects, and [3] the UT has indicated that it supports the idea of setting up the UT Campus as a Living Lab for this theme. 

The Network

The following institutions are part of ZoARG|ReDUCE

Initiator Reggefiber

Reggefiber has been constructing glass fiber networks since 2005. They do this per municipality, district by district. Always based on the needs of the residents. Reggefiber has experienced that a lot can go wrong when laying a full-coverage fiber optic network. The complex environment in which the work is done requires new solutions.

Reggefiber sees ReDUCE as the perfect opportunity to improve the digging sector with innovative solutions. The aim is to prevent construction damage, so that as little inconvenience as possible occurs during the construction of new infrastructure. This allows construction to be both cheaper and more reliable. Both aspects are good for Reggefiber itself, the entire excavation sector and the consumer.

What does Reggefiber do within ReDUCE?

Reggefiber is the initiator from the first hour and co-financer of the ReDUCE program. Reggefiber has set up the stimulation fund for this purpose, which aims to support 10 PDEng projects. PDEng projects are usually fully paid for by an initiator (company), but through the fund, Reggefiber contributes to 50% of these costs.

Reggefiber is also a tester for the initiatives developed from the ReDUCE fund. Her knowledge and experience is used to coordinate with a ReDUCE partner which initiatives they develop together. When developing and formulating a PDEng assignment, she also helps in determining which issue is presented to the candidate. In the first instance, the ReDUCE partner presents this issue, after which Reggefiber, together with the UT, assesses the suitability and relevance of the subject.

University of Twente

The University of Twente is one of the Dutch Technical Universities (4.TU) and is co-founder of ReDUCE. The leader of the ReDUCE program is the Construction Management and Engineering department. This department belongs to the faculty of Engineering Technology and works on teaching and researching Civil Engineering. One of the research areas is the installation of cables and pipes. Central to that research is the development of new technologies, methods and forms of cooperation that lead to streamlining sewerage projects including cables and pipelines. Here too, it is recognized that excavation damage leads to insecurity, process disruption and additional costs and delays.

The PDEng is one of the forms of cooperation between the university and the sector. Since 2014, a larger number of graduation studies, research projects and a PhD track have been added. The campus of the university functions as a Living Lab for many of these projects; experiment and training location.

ReDUCE partners

The organisations below are partners of ReDUCE. They facilitate and co-finance a PDEng project.