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Zorgvuldige Ondergrondse Aanleg en Reductie Graafschade

Projects - EN

TISCALI - Assessing Sewage Condition

Daan Kampherbeek

Traditionally, sewer inspections are conducted by direct access to the pipes, and where possible by visual inspections. In addition to being a tedious and cumbersome job, visual inspections do not always deliver the desired results. In the TISCALI project, research is being done to more efficient and less error prone inspection methods.

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Develop a universally applicable method for the development of charging infrastructure

Daan Kampherbeek

With the introduction of cleaner fuels for vehicles and the arrival of electric cars, also a need for the accompanying charging infrastructure has come into existence. At this moment, charging facilities are mostly placed in the shape of a charging point. Placement often happens after a private e-driver asks for it. With the increasing amount of electric cars, the question if the current method will still work in the future. The goal of this research has therefore been: to develop a future-proof, universally applicable method for the development of charging infrastructure for electric cars in small and medium-sized municipalities in urban areas.

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